When Trees Let Go

This time of year (spring) in yoga classes all over North America, you’ll hear dharma/intention/inspiration talks about spring, and making room for new growth, and sometimes the place that death has in this process.

Today is a windy day, and as I took my walk in along the trails behind my home, the last dead leaves of fall blew through the air, along with twigs and branches.  On a few occasions, the branches were of a size and distance I was acutely aware of the (slight) possibility of one hitting me or my dog on its way down. Read more

Crystal Clear Waters

The Water is Clear

This year, I gifted myself a copy of Meditations from the Mat to give me food for thought each morning.  Each entry begins with a quote from someone, followed by a reflection on that quote.  A particular quote has stuck with me now for several days:

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?  Can you remain unmoving till right action arises by itself?

~Lao-Tzu 1

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Gratitude Road

For Granted…

Today I paid my tuition to begin a massage therapy program later this summer.  As I wrote the check, I noted how fortunate I was that I could pay for such a program without much thought or effort.  This ability is partly due to my skills and life choices, and partly due to the life I have been given regardless of my choices.  These were my thoughts as I drove away from the building, and I felt gratitude for this ability.

My thoughts then meandered to another kind of good fortune – something I think people take for granted more often than I do my financial situation.  Not only can I pay for my schooling, I have the freedom to go to school mid-life and radically change the nature of the time I spend working.  This is not something I had the freedom to do, five years ago, and it is something I am profoundly grateful for. Read more