After an early morning hour on a plane between 1 loudly unhappy toddler, in the piercing way only toddlers can be loud, 2 slightly older well-behaved children and two tired mothers, I decided to splurge on an airport Irish coffee.  It’s hard to spend $15 on even a well-spiked cup of coffee, but as my wallet shrank, my appreciation for humanity regained it’s normal size.  I love airport bars. Read more

This week has been a significant week, one that has invited me to examine the words “congratulations”, “celebration”, and “accomplishment.”  I have both taken and passed my board exam, and graduated from my massage therapy program.  I’ve received numerous, sincere congratulations, which has offered reflection on both celebration and accomplishment.  I feel that, for myself, neither finishing a program, nor passing a test, merit celebration or a sense of accomplishment.  And so I’ve felt a bit party-pooper-ish, when people have congratulated me this week, when my gut reaction has been mostly “meh”, a feeling completely not in keeping with the spirit in which the congratulations were offered. Read more

There are too many benefits to meditation to count, to list, to be comprehensive, but learning how to live in a way in which I am present in each moment is one of my favorites.  Why?  Well, there are almost as many reasons as there are benefits to meditation, but one of my favorites is “Joy Bubbles.” Read more

Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu deity, who is commonly known as the remover of obstacles.  He and his energy have been on my mind a lot in the last week.

More properly, Ganesha is the Lord of Obstacles; not only does he remove them, but he also creates them.  It is this aspect of Ganesha’s energy that has captured my attention. Read more

Gratitude Road

Today I paid my tuition to begin a massage therapy program later this summer.  As I wrote the check, I noted how fortunate I was that I could pay for such a program without much thought or effort.  This ability is partly due to my skills and life choices, and partly due to the life I have been given regardless of my choices.  These were my thoughts as I drove away from the building, and I felt gratitude for this ability.

My thoughts then meandered to another kind of good fortune – something I think people take for granted more often than I do my financial situation.  Not only can I pay for my schooling, I have the freedom to go to school mid-life and radically change the nature of the time I spend working.  This is not something I had the freedom to do, five years ago, and it is something I am profoundly grateful for. Read more