It has been 6 months since I wrote my last post, and not quite 2 years since I started this blog, not quite 2 years since I walked away from the world of business.  I don’t often pay attention to anniversaries, but recently I was talking to a friend who had experienced an anniversary, and she said she liked anniversaries (which I typically don’t), because they forced/created a space for a reflection on progress.  So, a reflection… Read more

Joy Bubbles, redux

Some time ago, I wrote a post about joy bubbles – small moments of wonder and appreciation at the most mundane, and yet wonderful, things.  I have since learned that this isn’t a unique experience, that the sanskrit word for this is camatkāra – “a quiet joy and wonder in relation to any experience whatsoever”* Read more

I recently put some things on craigslist.  The day that worked to meet was a day I wasn’t going to be home until rather late, and in response to my half apologetic explanation, I get from (I’ll call him) G: Read more

Patient: Dr., It hurts when I do this…
Dr.: Then don’t do that!

It’s an old joke, I have no idea where I heard it, and its obvious truth is the source of its humour.  Of course, in terms of bio-mechanics, it’s not the most practical or helpful answer.  If you went to your doctor because you couldn’t raise your arm and this was his or her answer, you’d find a new doctor.  But in terms of the beliefs that shape our lives, it’s a perfectly valid, difficult answer. Read more

Where attention goes, energy flows

What we resist, persists.  ::  Where attention goes, energy flows.

These two sentences were the topic of a dharma talk at a retreat I attended about a year ago.  If you pay close attention to your thoughts and intentions, you will see these two things play out in your life.  I know this, but, being human just like everyone else, I forget this. Read more

The space between the notes

A few days ago, I saw and shared a beautifully filmed video on Facebook about massage. But its loveliness is not really what struck me – Ben’s words about massage being a way to allow a body to become present, a way to allow a person to occupy more of his body’s space – these words what resonated so deeply that I decided to share the video. Read more

Raging Potomac

At the end of a silent retreat I attended last year, the phrase “be like water” came into my head.  In that original moment, it simply meant to choose the path of least resistance, in finding a seat to enjoy the retreat’s final (non-silent) lunch.  I certainly didn’t expect this short phrase to move into my head and make itself a home.

But it has.   Read more

First Bloom

It’s an interesting thing to have a blog.  I don’t consider myself a terribly private person, but I don’t just broadcast to the world, either.  I have a lot that I want to say, but not often outside of the context of relationship.  The parameters of context are what focus what I have to say into something meaningful in that moment.  Writing to an unknown audience, who’ll read this at an unknown time, leaves the focus only to me.  And so I often draw a blank.

But today feels like a good day to write a post.   Read more

It’s been a reflective few days.  I traveled for business, spending my days in a board room, listening to clients explain what they’ve got and what they need instead, and feeling like I was in a space where I had some expertise.  I spent my nights talking to colleagues I’ve only ever interacted with through messaging and online meetings, talking about work related issues and topics closer to the heart.  I spent my travel time and some evening time voraciously reading a book about dying, another book about presence, and beginning a book about Christianity’s central tenets, even as I work to live more deeply in my own beliefs.  I spent a free morning looking at fish in an aquarium, and contemplating the moral implications of confining fish and plants in an artificial environment, while watching children learn in a way they could not without such an environment.

Two weeks ago, when this last minute trip came up as an opportunity, I jumped at it, and then I immediately began questioning my motivation.  So much of the journey of the last eight months has felt like 2 steps forward, 1 step back Read more

After an early morning hour on a plane between 1 loudly unhappy toddler, in the piercing way only toddlers can be loud, 2 slightly older well-behaved children and two tired mothers, I decided to splurge on an airport Irish coffee.  It’s hard to spend $15 on even a well-spiked cup of coffee, but as my wallet shrank, my appreciation for humanity regained it’s normal size.  I love airport bars. Read more